Towel Services

SCRUBS LAUNDRY serves the business community by offering pick-up and drop-off services six days a week. We offer Towel Services to a host of different industries and offer a full range of towel products in various sizes, colors, and quality selections.

Here are a few of the industries we serve:

  • Hospitality
  • Beauty & Spa
  • Health & Wellness
  • Automotive
  • Apartment Communities

Scrubs Laundry owns some of the most energy efficient and cost-effective laundry equipment on the market, thereby reducing our operating costs and allowing us to pass this savings on to our clients. Our facility is equipped with over 800 lbs. of washing capability and nearly 1,000 lbs. of drying capacity, and we maintain a full assortment of all the towel components that your business requires.

Towel Services Offers

√ Receive 50% off your first order

√ 10% price match guarantee


Towel Services Features

√ Pick-up and drop-off service Monday through Saturday

√ Towels available in various sizes, colors, and qualities

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