Self-Serve Laundry


SCRUBS LAUNDRY’s Electrolux washers extract more water from your clothes than any other washer, which means your dry times are drastically reduced.

If you have large loads, such as comforters, Scrubs Laundry’s high capacity machines can wash up to 62 pounds in a single load!

Tired of lugging all those coins? You can use cash, credit and debit cards to load up your personal Scrubs Laundry card. Also, earn free laundry dollars by buying in bulk! When you spend $20, we’ll give you $25 to use on your card.

Self Serve Offers

√ Spend $20 cash & get $5 FREE on your laundry card.


Self-Serve Features

√ The newest & most energy efficient equipment

√ Use cash, credit, or debit card to load your laundry card

√ Earn free laundry dollars by buying in bulk