SCRUBS LAUNDRY is a state of the art laundromat located in Chelsea, Massachusetts. SCRUBS features the most energy efficient equipment available, which means your clothes come out cleaner and faster, saving you time and money.

SCRUBS TOWEL SERVICES provides service to a variety of industries, offering a wide range of towel options in various sizes, colors, and quality selections. SCRUBS offers delivery services Monday through Saturday at no additional charge, and works with each client on an individual basis to create a custom tailored solution for their business.

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Special Offers

Towel Services

√ Receive 50% off your first order

√ 10% price match guarantee


√ Spend $20 cash & get $5 FREE on your laundry card



Convenient Hours | Free Wifi | HDTV | Full Vending | Detergent On-Site | Comfortable Seating | Handicap Accessible

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